Why Step Up Coding?

•    With Step Up Coding you will have one on one sessions with someone with over 10 years of software experience. I have worked in every idustry including startups, governments, and multiple fortune 100 companies. I have my bachelors degree in Computer Science as well as my masters degree. You tell me your goals and we make them a reality!

•    1/3 of all profits go to clients charity of choice!

•    Send Step Up Coding the job application you want and we will work to get you hired as early as 12 weeks within the program.

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  • Results

    •    With Step Up Coding you we will guarantee you will achieve your results and accomplish your goals.

    •    We have 100% sucess rate in graduates with job placement and/or website creation. If you are not placed into a job upon completion of Step Up Coding withing 60 days or unsatisfied with our services a 100% refund will be issued.


    •   Step Up Coding is a one on one mentoring of learning how to code. I will work with you side by side helping you learn the principles and fundamentals of web design in person or over a shared screen. No current knowledge is needed. We will work on felixible hours that you set at your own pace to reach your end goal. Local sessions are available in the Phoenix area and all others will be online based.

    •    1/3 of all profits go to clients charity of choice!

    •   Step Up Coding is not just learning to code. I will also mentor you on cutting edge techonlogy, best industry practices, and even mock interviews for your first coding job.

    •   Step Up Coding also allows you to land a coding job, work side by side on the creation of a website that you have may an idea to build, or build a website for your business. This is a great way to learn because when we are finshed you have the knowledge of building the website yourself and and also being able to personally maintan it over time.

    Contact Us

    •   Step Up is a private coding company. Take the next step in improving your life and others today!

    •   Email: Kyle@StepUpCoding.com

    •   Phone(Call and Text): 843.384.2827